Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring's Semester's starting!

Well, I haven't blogged in a while but now that I have a new computer that will change. I have been working at wal mart trying to save for the new semester but find myself unable to because of the financial burdens I'm placed in require a large sum of what little money I have. This makes me more determined to be sucessful in life and be able to have a comfortable lifestyle.

My grandfather passed away this week and I drove with a friend to attend the funeral. Grandpa Wickard passed away only 75 days after his wife Doris passed away. The funeral services were well done and my Grandpa received a military burial for his service in the army. I'm proud of who he is and that I have the opportunity to pass on his legacy. Thank you for joining the church and allowing me the opportunity to hear the gospel.
This is craters of the moon in eastern Idaho. It really looks like your on the moon!
Here is some typical mountain scenery found all over the mountain west.
And yes I did go over 100 mph in my little ford focus. It was sweet!