Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to Utah

Okay, so my two best friends, Lauren and Patrick, got married in Utah. I also visited my sister who just had a little baby boy. I tricked my roommate into going with me. I had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pics!!!

Ha ha, I tricked Wyatt into going with me...suckerGroup photo anyone
Maryn is so grown up
Macey is looking as innocent as ever lol...
Here is baby Mason
This is Lauren and Patrick. Congratulations!
What are big sisters for... really cute nieces and nephews!
Please, no pictures!
But if I must!
Yes, I'd like to order to large pizzas with anchovies please...


Well, it seems that every time I go down to Utah, I have a great time. Thanks Deb for your hospitality. Love ya !

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seattle Homesickness

Okay, so, living in Rexburg has a lot of good points:

Lots of single girls your age, fun things to do, college resources like pianos, music tech labs, a library, and a vast genealogical library.

Unfortunately, the one thing that I hate about Rexburg is how dry it is! My sinus have never been the same and my hands constantly crack and bleed. Geez. Plus, it snowed 2 weeks ago. That would never happen in Seattle. I miss Seattle's moisture.