Monday, February 23, 2009

New FREE Music Blogspot!!

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm writing to let you know my sister Anne Corey has set up a new blogsite to allow access to her music. YES, FREE MUSIC PEOPLE!!! My sister is very talented and has some other projects in the works as we speak. I'm excited to see where her talents will take her but I need your help! In order to get her music out upon reading this blog will you please send her blogspot address to your fellow bloggersor email to your friends. She has an audio clip of the music and the sheet music is there to download FREE on the blogsite. This particular song follows the LDS Youth Theme for 2009 by "being an example of the believers". Her music is inspirational. She will be updating and adding music to this blog as time passes. I've been privileged to have majority of her work from the past 10 years plus and I'm so excited that she's ready to share this with everyone!!

Thank you so much!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Strip for Valentines Day

Let me tell ya about the most awesome Valentines Day I have ever had! Leanne and I went down to the Strip and got to be tourists and enjoy taking pictures. We parked at the Wynn casino (nice bathrooms) and started walking south on the east sidewalk We arrived at the Bellagio which had the best outside show on the Strip

"Luck Be A Lady Tonight"
Aww... After we saw the first part of the Bellagio water show, we finished off with a dance
The Bellagio was definitely the best outside show
Then we decided to visit Paris
We went to the M&M store and saw every kind of M&M you could possibly imagine. We're actually trying to eat this M&M but Leanne was laughing so hard that it looks like she is Eskimo kissing it.
A salute to our Lady Liberty. They had a memorial there for many of the victims and people that helped for September 11Th.
Here we are at the Excalibur. Known for its medieval appeal and more especially for it's naughty knaves. If you go see a joust you can expect to see that armor come off during the halftime show.
The MGM Grand has a lion as there mascot. They have a couple lions that you can go see in a habitat. You would probably get more exciting visuals by watching lions on the discovery channel.
It kind of looks like his body was cut because of the way he had been sleeping.
Now the Luxor was really cool. When you go inside the ceiling comes to a point like a pyramid. Way cool!
And finally, here's a shot of the Strip from an overpass. You have to see it at least once in your lifetime. Oh... and remember, don't look at the ground.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This flower is an amarillas flower. It is one of my Mom's favorites. Hope you like it Mom. All four buds bloomed beautifully.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deep Thoughts: By John Meldrum

I was riding my bike to my new work place to finalize some new employee paperwork when I stumbled upon this spectacular scene. I saw the corridor of trees and thought two things; "wow... I'm lucky to have a job" and "wow... this picture would look cool on my blog". For anyone not familiar with Las Vegas, palm trees are a plenty here. Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses of life. Or on this case, take a picture of the palm trees. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Smores baby!

Leanne had the wonderful idea of making smores, so she went to the store with Charlotte and got a fire log to put in a grill and started a fire. The fire log worked just as well as any coal would
I can't tell what I'm enjoying more; smores on my face or posing with Leanne
Looks like Charlotte can only handle so much love from her Sister-in-law
You know Leanna's up to something with that look on her face
Geoffrey's still got itI just love spending time with people doing fun, random things like making smores!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Death Note Dog

Well, for those of you who love anime, there is a very good anime called "Death Note". I won't get into details about the plot but the first 26 episodes are worth your time. I'll post the first episode here so you can watch it for yourself. Anyway, the people that I'm staying with; they are babysitting their daughter's dog and I couldn't help the fact that Harley (the dog) looks like Ryuk from Death Note. Hope you enjoy the comparision.

In and Out

In and out, in and out, in and out. That's all it's been the last couple of weeks. I walk "in" to a potential job and ask "Are you guys hiring right now?" only to find the likely response of "no" and then I walk "out". So, to humor myself, I took some highly applicable pictures of my current circumstances. Oh, and yes, I did apply for In and Out in case you were wondering
Good old In and Out. These fast food joints are popular in California, Nevada, and are catching on in Utah. Poor Washington.
I went later in the day so that's why there aren't a lot of cars here. Usually during lunch, it's packed.

In and Out is best known for their simple tasty menu and speedy service. Only three main combos to choose from. Hence the reason your in, and then out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

L. Tom Perry

On Sunday this past week, I went to a fireside with L. Tom Perry, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He spoke to all the young single adults in the Las Vegas valley as well as other church leaders the day before. He taught the young single adults how to manage their money, setting goals, and practical relationship do's and don't's. The thing that stood out to me the most is when he was talking about people who enter college not knowing what they're going to study. He said "what a waste". Ouch! He didn't give much more sympathy for those who change their major's several times. All in all it was a good talk and I sure enjoyed listening to our church's leadership and their concerns for the rising generation. On a side note, I couldn't believe how tall Elder Perry is. I went to shake his hand afterwards and he was taller than me and I'm 6'2"! Not bad for an 87 year old man.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Later that day...

Later on Saturday, I went with my friend to Caesar's Palace. It was cool seeing all the different architecture there. Here are a bunch of pictures and videos I took.
Here is the outside wall of Caesar's Palace at the parking Garage.

You can also see the Mirage from the Caesar's Palace parking garage

This is probably Zeus or Jupiter, the god of gods in Roman mythology

Here's that wine god. Reminds me of the one from Fantasia
Let's watch the show!
Here are his buddies

This looks cool. I liked the spiral staircase.

Cool ceiling paintings!

I hope this goddess can handle the pressure.

Don't open it!


Saturday, I had the opportunity to do some fun stuff. First off, I finished taking care of applying for one of my jobs so now, all I have to do is wait (the suspense is killing me). Then, I went with a friend to go visit some stores down on the strip. I was such a tourist because I had never really been on the strip before so I busted out my camera and went to town taking some pictures.

Some people don't approve of certain activities on the strip and make their opinion public

For lunch, we went to a sushi restaurant. It was absolutely amazing! I loved the California rolls which had Salmon in it (being from Washington, I love Salmon!) and I also had shrimp and vegetables dipped in tasty batter. Mmmm... Hmmm...

This is the "RA" sushi restaurant. I recommend it to any sushi lovers out there going to Vegas

Temple Trip

On Friday, me and some friends from the singles ward got together and went to the Las Vegas temple to do baptisms for the dead. For anyone not familiar with this practice, what we do is we search out our ancestors through genealogical resources and we bring their name to the temple and we baptize living people in behalf of those who are dead, so if they except the gospel after they die, those ordinances have been completed for them. For more information check out It was a really fulfilling evening. I love the temple and I love the beautiful ordinances that are performed there. The thought of being with our families forever brings me so much joy.
Afterwards, the whole group decided to go to the Olive garden. They were a little over whelmed that a group of 30 or so suddenly showed up. But the waiters did just fine.
Overall it was a great day and I can't think of a better way I could have spent that Friday night.

Doesn't the temple just sparkle in the night?

Here's Leanne and I at the Olive Garden