Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Rexburg...

Today, it snowed in Rexburg. But what's new? It always snows in Rexburg. Today I discovered a new kind of snow called "slush" were the temperature raises in the middle of a snow storm a makes big fatty flakes of snow, freezing rain on the ground, and melts slowly unless it lands on a previously snowed on area (which isn't to hard to find here). I also developed a new way to get around campus; it's called "shoe skiing". This can only happen right after a "slushing" or if other weather conditions are met. Basically, if you get wet snow you can "ski" or slide your way through campus. The only draw back is your socks get wet and you spray everyone around you with slush. This is good for getting someones attention unless it's the wrong kind of attention.

So anyway, it continues to slush and by tonight we with have an inch or two of ice on the ground. Thanks goodness I don't have to work tonight.

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